[][src]Struct teensy::port::Port

#[repr(C, packed)]
pub struct Port {
    pub pcr: [Volatile<u32>; 32],
    // some fields omitted

11.1.4 Memory map and register definition doc/teensy_3.2.pdf - Page 221


pcr: [Volatile<u32>; 32]

11.14.1 Pin Control Register n (PORTx_PCRn) doc/teensy_3.2.pdf - Page 227


impl Port[src]

pub unsafe fn new(name: PortName) -> &'static mut Port[src]

Create a new port. Take a port name as argument.

pub fn name(&self) -> PortName[src]

Retrieve the portname associated to the port

pub unsafe fn pin(&'static mut self, p: usize) -> Pin[src]

Consume the port into a pin The pin keep a reference to it's pcr field

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for Port

impl Sync for Port

impl Unpin for Port

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